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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anger Island (Pitts Island)

Today's check-in appears to be from Anger Island, not far from Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Islands, which are all very close to Pitts Island.

Today's distance traveled is at least 20 nautical miles. Updated kmz.

Based on its reported location, this image appears to be looking across the Principe Channel toward their current camp.

This is the closest they have come to Jonathan's 2006 expedition. They are within 4km of his camp of 22 June 2006. My record of kmz files from that trip is here.

They are not far from the Bonilla Island remote weather station. It's current report is copied below. It appears that in the open waters winds were steady today around 10 knots, shifting from WSW in the morning to SSW in the afternoon.

Bonilla Island

06:00 PM PDT 29 June 2011
Wind (knots) SSW 10 Air temperature (°C) 13
Conditions N/A Relative humidity (%) 81
Visibility (km) N/A Dew point temperature (°C) 9
Pressure and tendency (kPa) 100.4 Humidex / Wind Chill --
Sunrise 5:16 PDT Sunset 22:15 PDT

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