An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Phone Update from Kitson Island [Updated!]

Kirti called in on her cell phone. This is probably the only time this trip they will have cell phone coverage.

Ferry Ride: They enjoyed the ferry ride to Port Hardy. On the way they saw "loads" of porpoises surfing the wake left by the ferry. They also saw humpback whales. It was a very good crossing.

Port Hardy: They camped right at the marine dock.

Today: They were underway at first light this morning, about 3:30am. They arrived at Kitson Island at about 6:30am. After arriving they had a nice breakfast, checked in on the SPOT, and then took a nap until about noon. They have a very nice camp.

Update: Today's Eagle count is 52! Many of them on Kitson Island.

Tomorrow: They plan to head to Porcher Island. The tentative plan is to camp at Oval Bay, on the Northwest coast. Update: They will be getting a late start, paddling on the ebb tide that begins around noon.

Overall Assessment: "Good so far!"

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