An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bear Sightings Every Day!

From Kirti:

Just talked to Jonathan on the cell phone.

They have seen a bear every day some times more then one, the bear on the beach and they were in their kayaks. They have also seen Orca whales from camp. They have enjoyed great views of mountains still covered in snow.

Today they had their first sunny day and managed to get a tail wind so they were able be surf most of the way into camp and even pass some sail boats. Yesterday however they were fighting the current all day and said they were counting barnacles along the way.

At the start of this section they had calm seas but then it got dark and rained hard. Unfortunately the next 3 days they will have the wind against them. The weather should improve once they get to the sunshine coast.


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