An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Phone Update from Campania Island

Kirti called in. All are well.

They have camped on Campania Island. They were planning to paddle further, but have been having strong southerly winds. They have been struggling against wind and tides for the past several days.

The camp I reported as Anger Island was on Ralston Island (possibly misspelled). They experienced a strong storm there. They estimate they may have received 6 inches of rain.

They found several native sites; including fish traps.

They saw many orca whales at Oval Bay.

They have seen lots of minks.

They saw a wolf from the water when leaving Oval Bay.

They are having lots of fun with the 20+ foot tides!

They were in great spirits, although they have really only had one day of good weather.

The weather is deteriorating. They are under a gale warning for tonight and tomorrow. Strong winds and rain are forecast to continue through Tuesday morning. It looks like they are in for a second major storm.

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