An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some images from near Roar Islet (yesterday's camp) [Updated]

Yesterday Jon Dawkins sent me this:

Canadian paddler, Ron Caves, has some exceptional photos of paddling the North and Central Coast in his Flickr Photostreams. A couple of years ago he stayed on that same site in Roar Islets. This was one of Kayak Bill's camp sites and Ron took this photo of the remains of Bill's signature fire pit:

If you aren't familiar with Kayak Bill this link will take you to an excellent article written for Sea Kayaker Magazine by Keith Webb:

This is one of Kayak Bill's charts showing the Roar Islets site:

I wonder which route they will take in the morning? Directly across Seaforth Channel is Gale Passage which it the most direct and interesting route through the Bardswell Group to Queens Sound.

Dave Resler contributed:
On a different note the Pilgrims are now passing through some of the finest fishing areas on the BC coast :)

Their Roar islet camp is across the channel in the upper left of this photo Larry with dinner

If they choose to paddle the outside of Athlone they will pass St. John Harbor where this fish was caught.
The Big One!!


[Update: The last two images are now links to full size images. -Jim]

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