An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Killer Whales Hunting Seals

Kirti writes:

On Saturday's paddle to the southern end of Texada Jonathan and Jenny saw a pod of 5 Killer Orca Whales hunting seals. Normally Seals will jump into the water when you paddle close by but on that day they did not, because they were really scared of what would happen to them if they did. Texada has a very rugged coastline.

Saturday's paddle was really tough since they had to paddle against a light head wind and current, they were hoping to camp on Jedediah Island but the island was jam packed with power boats, so after an circumnavigation of the island looking for a camp, they had to paddle back to South Texada. They ended up paddling 30 Nautical Miles, they started at 7am and were at camp 11.5 hours later.

Today they had a short paddle Ballenas Island and were at camp before 10am and had a chance to rest up.

Tomorrow(Monday) they are planing to camp on Flat Top island near the south east end of Gabriola Island. On Tuesday they will either camp on Pebble beach of outside of Galiano Island or if they feel good, they will paddle longer to Cabbage Island which is small island on North East end of Saturna Island.

If they can find a chart or map for Puget sound. they may continue paddling into Olympia.


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