An epic sea kayaking adventure down the west coast of Canada.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phone Check-in

Kirti checked in by satellite phone at 3:30pm on Wednesday, 13 July. I was not available so she left an extensive voice-mail. Here is a partial transcription. I have not been able to verify spelling of many of the place names. I will update with corrections as people send them to me. I am posting this on Thursday morning. -Jim

Friday morning (8 July) they had a good tidal push leaving Klemtu. They had a rough crossing of Melbrouke (sp?) Sound. It was the second sunny day of the trip.

Camped on a beautiful islet [Roar Islet] near Seaforth Channel. Woke up to howling wolves.

On Saturday (9 July) they paddled through Gale Passage, which is very narrow with 2 tidal rapids, camping at Islet 48.

Leaving Islet 48 on Sunday (10 July) they went through hundreds of small rocky islands covered with trees. They camped that night in the Serpentine Group [probably the Serpent Group; see images] with views of Hakai Passage and the mainland. They saw lots of sea otters, including one group of 48.

On Monday (11 July) they crossed Hakai Passage and paddled down S??? Sound, covering 30 nautical miles to camp at Penrose Island Marine Park.

Tuesday was a short day, setting up for the crossing of Cape Caution. [Open Bight]

On Wednesday (13 July) morning they rounded Cape Caution. Jonathan did an excellent job navigating through thick pea soup fog. They made very good time, covering 20 nautical miles in 5 hours. They saw gray whales on this crossing.

The trip has been very challenging for Kirti. They have had long open crossings, often against the wind and the tide.

Tomorrow (Thursday) forecast is for headwinds and rain. They hope to camp at the God's Pocket campground, and push on to Port Hardy the following day. They will check in again from Port Hardy.

[I have updated the kmz archive with approximate locations of the reported campsites. Here is the link: - Jim]

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